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About Me


My Story

I have always loved being active and spending time outdoors. Ever since I was a child I can always remember spending hours running around the garden and feeling happy when I was full of fresh air and covered in mud. I'm a keen horse rider and I loved sports at school but I was never one of the winners, never felt competitive, I just loved feeling my lungs fill with air and my body feel worked afterwards. 

Once I became a mum, I put my own needs on hold for a while. I love being a mum and it was my main priority. What I underestimated was how important it was to make myself a priority once in while.

So now I'm a mum of 3 young children and I have learned to do just that, and to make it fit in around my family. I know I don't need to feel selfish or guilty because I'm happier, stronger and more focused. I am passionate about giving mums and women the opportunity to grow themselves, to appreciate what they are capable of and achieve any goal they set their mind to. I believe it is important to show children how an active and balanced lifestyle is healthy for not only you physically also necessary for your mental wellbeing. 


My Vision

A world where exercise isn't done begrudgingly or as a second thought! 

The head space, the heart pumping and getting the body moving - it's so important. Exercise is known to combat many health related problems, such as diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, obesity but also chemicals released during exercise also lift your mood, reduce stress, depression and anxiety. It gives you an energy boost and so helps overcome tiredness and promotes better sleep. By finding a form of exercise you love and can enjoy fully you will gain strength and confidence both in yourself physically and mentally as well.

I want to support my clients in making their own health and exercise a priority, engage them in a positive mindset that will help them best support their families and achieve fitness goals.

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