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Nutrition and Weight Management Advice

Do you know the best way to manage  your weight and nutrition needs? 
Now I know it's obvious, but sometimes, not thinking about what you are eating, is the one thing
 that is stopping you from achieving your goals. Be it losing weight, gaining muscle or just feeling healthier.

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Individually tailored...

When you decide that you want to lose weight, it is very easy to fall into the trap of following a generic meal plan or signing up to the latest dieting trend.  Unfortunately these are often unlikely to get you the results you want and if they do they may not be easy to sustain.

My approach is to work with you, carefully analysing and taking into account your lifestyle and current nutrition habits, together we  develop a plan to help you achieve your goals, taking into consideration your likes, dislikes and your  energy needs.  By creating a simple action plan and implementing changes gradually  you will lose weight at a steady and healthy rate.

Calories are energy, fuel. Your body needs them to function at it's best and so the only way to ensure all your needs are met and you maintain a good balance is to look at you as an individual.

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There are no quick fixes, no magic pills. It will not always be easy or plain sailing. 

But, if you've already come this far, if you've already decided that you want to make some changes to better your health then you are in the best possible position to make a start.

You are not in it alone, I will be there to support you each week and help you stay on track to meet your goals. 

Perhaps you've tried before, you've got to your goal weight, but for some reason you can't keep to it. Perhaps you know the reason and it's sitting in the way of you moving forward. We all have barriers to change and especially when in comes to something as personal as what we eat and why. That is why the only way to succeed is to set up a plan that takes all of those things into consideration and is designed to help you overcome them.

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