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Post Natal Fitness Programme

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First Class Free! 
Classes currently at 
Hingham Sports and Social Club
Tuesdays at 9.30 - 10.30am

It's your maternity leave, use it to do something for you

Exercise with a supportive groups of like-minded mums, without the worry of childcare. There is no problem if you need to stop and feed or tend to your baby, you take the workout at your pace and do as much as you can, plus I am always there as an extra pair of hands if needed. 

The classes are specifically programmed to enhance your performance as a mum. Helping you reconnect with your body after pregnancy and labour and working on getting you as strong as you ever were, if not stronger!. Engage your core muscles, work on your pelvic floor health as well as building all round fitness and growing in confidence.

I will need you to fill out a form to assess your suitability to exercise, please do this before joining the classes. Please click here

Class Info
Hingham Playing Field, Watton Rd, Hingham, Norwich, NR9 4HD

Please try and arrive early enough to get settled in, I will generally be there from about 9am.

I offer 1:1 personal training packages that you can also bring your child with you, in a private studio at my home. More info can be found here. 

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