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Client Testimonials

Don't just take my word for it, my clients results speak for themselves.

Some have lost weight, some have gained muscle and definition, others just feel happy and healthier

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Cath says...

"I started my journey with Leah at the beginning of June when I enquired about personal training. It's not something I had even considered would suit/interest me but I had been attending Leah's online Zoom classes through lockdown and had really enjoyed them.

Despite attempting to diet, I was struggling with my weight and had become quite down with the way I felt and looked. I needed something to change. 

Leah invited me into an initial meeting where we discussed my goals and chatted about what my diet was like, how I ate and what my lifestyle was like, things I enjoy doing. Just having this chat with Leah started my on a path of how to approach my eating habits and I could see a way forward out of the rut I was in. 

Over the next 4 weeks I had a PT session once a week, started to run again using the plan Leah worked out for me and I also tried to attend one zoom class or bootcamp session a week. This was coupled with a diet plan that Leah also provided. In 4 weeks I have lost weight, feel fitter and my mental health has also been given a boost! I feel happier, more lively and look forward to my sessions.

I love having a plan to follow that is tailored to suit me and am really surprised at how much weight I've lost without feeling like I've been on any kind of diet. Leah completely changed my approach to food and exercise. She is an encouraging coach without being overbearing and will always adapt exercises. She listens and helps when you are struggling but also knows when to push you for that little bit extra! I signed up to 4 weeks to see how I got on and I wasn't expecting results in such a short space of time so I am thrilled at my progress and have signed up for another 4 weeks!

Highly recommend Leah if you want a fun, knowledgeable person who will do her absolute best to ensure you reach your goals." 

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